Car Park Gallery

Whilst we were exploring, we came across this amazing collection of images painted inside a motorway bridge. Each column was painted by a different artist, some unfortunate ones were covered by scaffolding as its not a car park, whilst others were lucky to get road side previews.

Aside from my documentary, this was the highlight of my trip and we found it by complete accident. My personal favourite was the balding man with the nose smoke (seen above) but there was some incredible talent on display. Like most graffiti, the images were likely to barely ever be seen by the public (especially those tucked away) but street art as an artform has taught me and should teach you to look further.

Also a huge thanks to my loving wife for hanging round in the dank and cold whilst i got all worked up and excited!

All images shot in Warsaw, Poland on a Harinezumi camera and are copyright Benjamin Corless 2013